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The North Sea Cycle Route is a 6.000 km chain of exciting experiences waiting for the cycling tourist.

You will explore an immense variety of scenery in eight different countries: cities, charming towns, villages, countryside from mountains to below sea level! The route takes you through coastal areas with sandy beaches and cliffs, but also inland through woods and past traditional farmhouses.

There is no need to worry about finding your way back, you may simply continue cycling and end up where you started or use one of the many ferry links to get back home. A dark blue bicycle on a light blue background, the logo of the route, is your guiding star, but please follow the local and national signing. Before you pack your cycle bags, please use the planning tools offered at this web site and create your own cycle guide.




Address: http://www.northsea-cycle.com/
Web: http://www.northsea-cycle.com/

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