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Boat hire Farsund Resort
If you wish to book your boat hire, it is recommended that you book it at the same time you make your accommodation reservation Farsund Resort. That way you are guaranteed a boat at your disposal on your arrival. Our guests' safety is very ...

Give yourself a salty adventure at sea with MS Brannflu. A fishingvessel with a lot of history! This lady has belonged to the island Røvær for over 50 years and has participated in all types of costal and northern sea fishing like; mackerel ...

Fishing - Karmøy
Just within Karmøy district there are almost 80 lakes, of which 50 are open to anglers. Members of the public can therefore enjoy the excitement of inland fishing in Karmøy. With a rod or a hand reel you can fish in fresh or salt water from shor...

Fishing holiday - Farsund Resort
This high-quality resort is situated between Lyngdal and Farsund, about 1,5 hours west of Kristiansand. At the bottom of the Spindsfjord, with apartments and holiday houses directly on the quay, you may enjoy a holiday filled with fishing and lo...

Fishing in Kleivvannet
Go fishing in Kleivvannet. Kleivvannet is located in Stuestøl, Kvås and has good possibilities for fishing. You don't need a fishing licence to fish in Kleivvannet....

Fishing in Kristiansand
Fishing in rivers and lakes in the Kristiansand region. The south coast offers great sports fishing opportunities throughout the year. In order to fish in the sea you do not need any fishing permits, but anyone who want to fish in rivers, must p...

Fishing in sea and fresh water in Hå municipality
State licence fee to fish Everyone over 18 years old who would like to fish for salmon or sea trout must pay a state licence fee. In most of the cases you also need to purchase a fishing permit from the landowner locally. Fishing spots: ...

Fishing in the Otra river
Otra is app. 240 km long from the source north of Hovden in Setesdalen to the end in Kristiansand. It is the 5th longest river in Norway. The river is navigable up to Kvarstein app. 10 km from the mouth. The name Otra "Otra" comes most like...

Hålandsvatnet spans Stavanger and Randaberg municipalities. A newly established trail circles the lake, attracting natives and visitors alike to relaxing walks. The trail is 7.5 km long, all of which is well lit so that it can also be enjoyed in...

Salmon fishing in Lygna
Lygna is in all 82.2 kilometers long, but it is only in the lower half there are salmon - the fish does not travel over Kvåsfossen and up to Hægebostad. You share the riverbank with local anglers, tourists from Germany and other enthusiasts...

Salmon fishing in Otra
Salmon fishing in the Otra river. Excellent rod fishing for salmon in the Otra. Salmon fishing permit for sale in Kristiansand at Grønberg Sport and "MX-Sport" in Vennesla. For more info and fishing licence see lakseelver.no....

Salmon fishing in Soknaelva river
Try your luck with your feet on solid ground, you could try the Sokna salmon river! MOVING: Since the Sokna River is a rather small river, it is necessary that all anglers show respect towards one another and do not occupy the presumably b...

Salmon fishing Kvina
The 16 kilometre long stretch offers a varied terrain from tranquil waters to bouldering waterfalls and rapid runs. You can fish with spinning bait, fly or worm. The river Kvina was once a rich salmon river. Around year 1900, the fishing ri...

Salmonfishing in the Mandal river
Mandalselva River is considered to be amongst the ten best salmon rivers in Norway. The river mouth is in Mandal and the river follows Riksvei 455 through the Mandal valley (Åseral, Marnardal and Mandal). The salmon fishing season varies some...

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