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National Tourist Route Jæren - opens 2012 - with open skies, wide horizons and endless ocean. Constantly changing weather and light. Mile upon mile of sandy beaches and sand dunes, only broken by boulders and salmon rivers. This is Norway’s food basket...

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Walks, summit trips and voyages of discovery
Walks, summit trips and voyages of discovery – whether you walk along a beach or hike to the top of a mountain, it will do wonders for body and soul. Whether you walk in the mountains or go skiing, the North Sea Road has lots to offer.

Stay in a lighthouse, a historic hotel or in a tent
Discover the North Sea Road at your own pace. By staying in a tent, camper van or rented cabin, you have the freedom to choose what suits you best. Fantastic campsites, unique hotels – whether you are looking for child-friendly accommodation or a romantic weekend, there are lots of options along the North Sea Road. 

Attractions, activities and sports
Attractions, activities and sports – on two or four wheels. Above or under water. It’s up to you. The North Sea Road is the ocean route that offers sun and sea, long sandy beaches and bare rocks for sunbathing

Salmon rivers, hunting areas and fishing permits
Salmon rivers, hunting areas and fishing permits – with countless salmon rivers, an extensive coastline and many areas for hunting, the North Sea Road is a paradise for experienced anglers and hunters and for amateurs as well.

The good life in Sokndal - Nesvaag
Viking fare and mead
Food, local delicacies and mead - whether you would like to sit and shell prawns by the sea, visit a unique pub or enjoy great meal in a fantastic restaurant, you will find there is something to suit all tastes along the North Sea Road

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Music, shows and great stories
Music, shows and great stories – there is a lively cultural scene along the North Sea Road throughout the year. You can experience a wealth of concerts, featuring both Norwegian and international artists, plays and shows, festivals, opera, art and church concerts.

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Viking festivals, waterparks and amusement parks and animals
Viking festivals, waterparks and amusement parks and animals – the North Sea Road is like one big amusement park. There are lots of great areas for children to explore. Viking festivals where children can learn to spin thread using a hand stone, light a fire using fire steel or flint, or perhaps tasting a hellekake potato cake is the most tempting offer.

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Diving along the North Sea Road
Imagine swimming among wrecks, caves, huge shoals of fish and kelp forests. All of this can be found along the North Sea Road. If you are ever going to feel like a true explorer, it will be under water, where fantastic experiences await you.

Sokndal - member of the International Cittaslow movement.
The idea is to reduce the bustle and pace of everyday life and to make life quality and the good life a priority. Everyone is allowed to be a bit different in Sokndal. The tall poppy syndrome doesn`t exist. We have our own love week and focus on what`s important.

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Cycling trips, bike hire and cycling races
The North Sea Road is famous for its great cycling routes and races. The Nordsjørittet cycling race and the North Sea Cycle Route are both well known. There are great road cycling and off-road cycling trails and wonderful routes for the whole family.

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Shopping in cities and towns, cafes and coffee shops
Some of Norway’s best cities and towns for shopping are located by the North Sea Road. Trendy boutiques and unique home interior shops – with the latest in Norwegian and foreign design and unique handmade items that no one else will have.
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